Sunday, April 6, 2014

Giant Sucking Sound

That giant sucking sound is the United States drinking, eating and burning Canada’s water. A 2011 report by The Council of Canadians, Leaky Exports: A Portrait of Virtual Water Trade in Canada, identifies the United States as the primary importer of virtual water from Canada.  That virtual water is traded primarily in the forms of agricultural goods, minerals, and energy resources.

Canada is the second highest gross exporter of virtual water (behind the United States), and the second highest net exporter of virtual water (behind Australia). Understandably, Canadian policy makers are concerned about preserving their water resources, especially when interests in their thirsty neighbor to the south have proposed exporting Canadian water (not virtual water, actual water).

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Okay, this is a bit dated. I'm catching up on a lot of reading and I have had little time to write for this blog. I appreciate the readers who still follow Infrastructure Watch. I'm looking into ways I can make this an interesting and useful blog with the time constraints I have.

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