Monday, November 25, 2013

Funding Infrastructure


The American Institute of Architects released Crowdfunding Architecture, a report that explored the potential of raising private funds from many people investing, loaning, or donating small sums. Crowdfunding is a growing trend in other areas, especially in the arts and product development.

Of course, public civil infrastructure requires a lot of money. The investors who might be able to put substantial sums into a project will expect a return. This is an issue for other forms of private investment in public infrastructure, often there is no revenue generated by the infrastructure to pay back investors.

What do you think? Does crowdfunding have the potential to be a serious source of funding for public infrastructure?

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Roads by the Mile

IW has previously written about declining fuel tax revenues. An alternative to fuel taxes is a tax or fee based on miles driven. Oregon is planning to implement a program based on VMT (vehicle miles traveled).

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