Thursday, February 7, 2013

Missouri Governor Proposes Moving Energy Division

The Division of Energy houses programs related to energy policy, resources, efficiency and education.  Specific program include low-income weatherization assistance, the energy revolving fund and certification of home energy auditors.

The General Assembly may reverse this decision if it acts before April 8 (60 days after the executive order was signed on February 4).  If this does not occur, the transfer will become effective on August 28.

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State laws that could be affected by the change include
Sections 135.300-135.311 credit for wood energy
Section 143.121 RSMo. – tax deduction for home energy audits
Sections 414.400-414.471 – reduction of state vehicle fuel consumption
Section 640.150 RSMo. – various energy policy, information and education duties assigned to Department of Natural Resources director
Section 640.153 RSMo.certification of home energy auditors
Sections 640.155-640.219 – various provision related to energy programs, education and funding
Sections 640.651-640.686 RSMo. – establishing the Energy Set-Aside Program fund and an energy loan program

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