Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Federal News Brief

Hersman Floated as Potential Nominee for Transportation Secretary

LaHood Criticizes Congress, Republican on Highway Funding

Departing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood criticized Congress, and especially his former Republican colleagues, for failing to pass a long-term transportation bill. He anticipates bold moves from President Obama “when he gets around to it.”

Reactions to the State of the Union

As you might expect, infrastructure organizations were disappointed by President Obama’s State of the Union address.  ASCE gently criticized the president’s “Fix-It-First” plan because it does not address the long-term need to pay for infrastructure maintenance.

Supreme Court May Hear Interstate Water Dispute

Kansas has asked the Supreme Court to hear its case against Nebraska.  The Republic River is an important source of water for agriculture in both states, and the Wheat State claims the Cornhuskers are taking more than its fair share.

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