Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Government & Infrastructure News

Governors Address Infrastructure

Several governors spoke about their states’ infrastructure needs in state of the state addresses.  Building America’s Future has a nice summary.

He Just Keeps Rollin’ Along

An auxiliary lock on the Mississippi River near Granite City, Illinois, was temporarily closed.  The lock was close after it was damaged by a barge.  By the time the lock was reopened, there were 106 barges and 19 vessels waiting to get through.

Coast Guard officials say the barge accident was unrelated to low water levels in the river.  Low water levels resulting from drought have threatened barge traffic on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

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LaHood Staying On

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced he plans to stay as President Barack Obama begins his second term.  LaHood and Obama both represented Illinois in Congress, and their terms overlapped.

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LaHood Says He’s Staying On as Transportation Secretary (Plungis, J., Bloomberg, Jan. 22, 2013)

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