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4.3. Behavior

Water use is an essential human behavior.  Our habits an practices, especially in cultures where water use is high, offer many occasions for conservation.

Around the home, common water conservation practices include

  • Running the dishwasher only when it is full (can save 10 to 20 gpd).
  • Adjusting the washing machine to the size of the load, or only washing laundry when the machine can be fully loaded.
  • Water landscapes early in the morning when there will be less evaporative loss (1).

In multi-unit residences, washing behavior an architecture can work together to save water.  One study found that residences with in-unit washing machines used 3.3 times as much water for laundry and residences with common-are, coin-operated washers (2).

(1) EPA (1995).

(2) Multihousing common laundry facilities are a significant source of water conservation. (2004, April). Journal AWWA, pp. 37-38

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