Friday, July 13, 2012

Comments Sought on Missouri Impaired Waters List

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its proposed decision on Missouri’s 2012 list of impaired waters. EPA is approving Missouri’s listing of 253 waters as impaired, and the removal from the list of 66 water bodies. The Agency is requesting public comment on its proposed decision to restore a total of 10 water bodies and corresponding pollutants to Missouri’s 2012 impaired waters list.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources submitted its 2012 impaired waters list to EPA for review and approval. The Clean Water Act and federal regulations require EPA to review the state’s list to determine if the state reasonably considered existing and readily available water quality-related data and information, and reasonably identified waters to be listed.

EPA is proposing to restore several water bodies that were excluded from listing or removed from Missouri’s list. These proposed additions to the list include waters found to be impaired by sediment, bacteria, ammonia and other pollutants.

The public comment period on EPA’s proposed decision ends September 12, 2012.  EPA will consider written public comments in reaching its final decision on the additional water bodies identified for inclusion on Missouri’s final 2012 impaired waters list.

EPA’s decision letter is available at A link to the public notice, which describes how to submit comments, is available on the EPA Region 7 website at Additional supporting documentation is available upon request by contacting Carol Taylor-Curth, Water Quality Management Branch, EPA Region 7, 901 N. 5th Street, Kansas City, KS, 66101,, (913) 551-7638 or (800) 223-0425.

You can read the original EPA news release

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