Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Hits

My blogging in IW has been pretty lazy lately. It’s going to be that way today, too. There is just too much interesting stuff going on in the world of infrastructure to wait until I have time to write about it, so here are some quick hits.

Oberstar Leaving House
Longtime Democratic Representative Jim Oberstar, of Minnesota, lost his bid for reelection last week. He chaired the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, so his departure could mean a change in the direction in federal infrastructure priorities, though the ranking Republican committeeman indicates that infrastructure is an investment he and his party can support.

8th District: Cravaack rode GOP wave past Oberstar
Mica Statement on Midterm Elections and the 112th Congress
Oberstar Says Goodbye, Mica Promises Rail and a Long-Term Bill
Oberstar says the people have spoken, bids goodbye
Transportation Lobbyists Vow They’ll Work with the Winners

Infrastructure Measures Did Well On Ballots
We previously mentioned that many infrastructure-related measures were on the ballot in various states and municipalities. It looks like most of them were successful.

2010 Ballot Measures
Big Construction Bonds at Stake this Election
Proposition 1, the Transportation Bond, Approved in Austin
The Silver Lining: 73 Percent of Transportation Ballot Measures Win

Water Groups: Include Water in Infrastructure Bank
Infrastructure bank proposals are still rolling around, but none are likely to pass in the last couple of months of the 111th Congress. Water groups want to make sure that water infrastructure isn’t overlooked in infrastructure bank proposals that might be taken up by the next Congress. There may even be public support for improving aging (and expensive) water infrastructure.

Aging water infrastructure wastes 1.7 trillion gallons a year
Bill Watch--111th Congress
Can We Save America’s Crumbling Water System?
The Corrosion of America
EPA to Survey Community Water Systems to Estimate Capital Investment Needs
Groups Urge Inclusion of Water in Proposed Infrastructure Bank
ITT's Value of Water Survey Reveals That Americans Are Ready to Fix Our Nation's Crumbling Water Infrastructure
The New Oil
Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly
The Value of Water

Missouri: New Transportation Director, High-Speed Rail Funding
The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commissions has appointed Keith Kevin as Director of the Department of Transportation (MODOT). Kevin is a department veteran who served as chief engineer and has been the interim director for the last few months. MODOT also announced it received $4.1 million from the Federal Railroad Administration for high-speed rail projects.

Kevin Keith Named Director of MoDOT
Missouri Gets Another $4.1 Million for High Speed Rail Development
MoDOT Veteran Named New Director

P.S. IW previously mentioned that a St. Louis-area project was in the running for recognition from the American Society of State Highway and Transportation Officials. It won the grand prize.

A Winning Team
Missouri Transportation Infrastructure Draws Attention

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