Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missouri Governor Nominates Infrastructure and Environmental Board Members

Missouri Governor Jay “Boondoggle Bridge” Nixon announced appointments to some boards and commissions. The appointees will be subject to confirmation by the Missouri Senate.

Patrice E. Boehler, Dam and Reservoir Safety Council - Since 1998, Boehler has served as vice president of development for Westmore Group Inc., a provider of commercial real estate services. She also is president of Natural Resource Consultants Inc. and has worked on dam safety issues in that position for 19 years. Her term ends April 3, 2011.

Daniel G. Buxton, Dam and Reservoir Safety Counci - Buxton is a project manager/engineer for The Doe Run Co. and has been with the company since 1974. In his current position, he manages construction projects at plant sites, regularly inspects 11 Doe Run-owned regulated dams, and manages repairs and construction of the company's dams and spillways. His term ends April 3, 2011.

Kyle W. Drury, Dam and Reservoir Safety Council - Drury is senior design engineer at Bloomsdale Excavating Co. and has been with the company since 2004. He previously was a project engineer with Holcim (US) Inc. and an aviation engineer with Crawford, Murphy and Tilly Consulting Engineers. His term ends April 3, 2010.

Charles E. (Eddie) Adams, Jr., Hazardous Waste Commission - Adams is general manager of Adams Fertilizer Inc. in Senath. He has been with the business since 1985. Adams also was an agricultural pilot for Senath Aviation from 1984 to 2006. His term ends April 3, 2012.

Michael R. Foresman, Hazardous Waste Commission - Foresman serves as a part-time consultant for several environmental consulting firms. He retired in 2001 as president of Solutia Management Co. Inc., a remediation liability management subsidiary of Solutia Inc. His term ends April 3, 2013.

You can read the original news release here.

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