Saturday, November 14, 2009

Missouri Environment & Infrastructure Roundup

Lead Contamination Continues in Herculaneum
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 7 is considering a range of enforcement actions against the Doe Run Resources Corporation, now that recent tests have shown more than one-third of a group of properties situated within a mile of the company's lead smelter in Herculaneum, contain lead at levels exceeding 400 parts per million (ppm), EPA's threshold for removing and replacing such soils.Of 372 properties sampled, 129 had at least one area exceeding the 400 ppm action level for lead. A total of 104 of those 129 "action level" properties have already undergone soil remediation within the past nine years, under work previously ordered by EPA. EPA intends to work with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) to correct the problem by requiring Doe Run to implement a solution.Doe Run's facility at 881 Main Street in Herculaneum has been in operation for more than a century and is the largest smelter of its kind in the United States.

Both EPA and MDNR have taken a number of enforcement actions against Doe Run over the years, including EPA's July 2009 unilateral administrative order, directing the company to sample and test gravel driveways and surface yard soils from all homes within one mile of the smelter. Those tests, completed by a contractor hired by Doe Run, were completed last month, after which the company sent confidential letters to property owners and residents, informing them only of the test results from their respective properties. EPA received a full report of the sampling activity on October 8, 2009. A redacted copy of that report is available at

See the original EPA news release here.

Stimulus Funds Aid Clean Up of Madison Co. Mine Superfund Site
EPA Region 7 has awarded a contract to an Ohio environmental firm to proceed with the cleanup of lead-contaminated soils at approximately 800 residential properties within the Madison County Mines Superfund Site in southeast Missouri. The contract is supported by more than $9.8 million in funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.Environmental Quality Management, Inc., of Cincinnati, has a two-year base period with one option year, and a maximum possible award of $13,915,694, under the contract. Total ARRA funding for the contract is $9,885,000.The funding will enable EPA to proceed with the cleanup of an estimated 800 residential properties at the site over a two-year period, with additional funding to clean up 200 more residential properties in the third year of the contract.Madison County Mines Superfund Site is located in southeast Missouri near Fredericktown, in the Old Lead Belt where heavy metal mining has occurred since the early 1700s. Past mining operations have left at least 13 major tailings and chat deposits from mineral processing operations within the county. Wind and water erosion has moved the lead-contaminated material to residential surface soils, sediments, groundwater and surface water, posing threats to human health and the environment.

See the original EPA news release here.

Governor Makes Environmental & Infrastructure Nominations
Gov. Jay “Boondoggle Bridge” Nixon has announced several nominees to boards and commissions.

Jack Baker, Air Conservation Commission (reappointment) - Baker is a cattleman who was first appointed to the Air Conservation Commission in 2002 and has served as chairman and vice-chairman of the committee. He sits on the state board for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives and has served on several cattle-related boards. Baker has received several awards and honors for his Angus cattle. His term ends Oct. 14, 2013.

Thomas B. Bradley, State Soil and Water Districts Commission - Bradley is a farmer who is currently serving his fifth term as treasurer for New Madrid County. He earned a bachelor's degree in agriculture, with a minor in geology, from Southeast Missouri State University. Bradley also has served as a member and treasurer of the New Madrid County Soil and Water District. The Governor has appointed him for a term ending Aug. 15, 2012.

Steven B. Martin, Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority - Martin is the division manager for Crop Production Services for Missouri and Arkansas and has worked in the agricultural industry since 1980. He has also worked for United Agri Products Inc. and for Terra Industries in sales and management. Martin also is involved in the operation of a family farm. The Governor has appointed him for a term ending June 30, 2014.

William J. Schumake, Dam and Reservoir Safety Council - Schumake has owned Town and Country Motors in Sedalia for 42 years. He has served as director of the Sedalia Pettis County Development Corporation, the Thompson Hills Investment Corporation, and the Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center Inc. His term ends April 3, 2010.

You can read the original news release here.

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