Saturday, October 31, 2009

Water Roundup

Appropriations Bill Includes Money for Levee Improvements at St. Joseph, MO
The energy and water appropriations bill included funds for levee improvement projects in Kansas and Missouri in the St. Joseph area.

More information:
St. Joseph included in water resources bill
St. Joe included in water resources bill

Drinking Water and Wastewater Funding Included in Agriculture Bill
The agriculture appropriations bill that passed Congress in October included $568.7 million for the water and waste program that provides grants and loans for drinking water, wastewater and solid waste projects in rural areas.

More information:
Farm Bill Includes Environmental Funding
Rural water appropriations pass both houses
Water Legislation — recycling, research, efficiency

EPA Calls for Missouri to Revise Mississippi R. Standards Near St. Louis
The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Region 7 has requested that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) revise water quality standards for a 28.6-mile section of the Missouri River upstream of its confluence with the Meramec River. The change is intended to protect the river for use for whole body contact recreation, though a MoDNR proposal to implement the standard was previously rejected by the state Clean Water Commission.

More information:
EPA Calls on State of Missouri to Set New Water Quality Standards for St. Louis Segment of Mississippi River
EPA Calls on State of Missouri to Set New Water Quality Standards for St. Louis Segment of Mississippi River (EPA news release)

Missouri Comes Out Swinging Over River Diversion Plan
Missouri politicians at both the state and are opposing a Bureau of Reclamation plan to divert water from the Missouri River for irrigation purposes in North Dakota. This is recent flare up in the longstanding fight for water among the states along the river that predates the act from 2000 that established North Dakota’s allotment of water from the river.

More information:
Governor Objects to Missouri River Water Diversion to Red River Valley
McCaskill wants Interior Secretary out of long-running Missouri River ruckus
Missouri Governor Encourages U.S. Secretary of Interior to Reject Diversion of Missouri River Water to Red River Valley
Missourians oppose river diversion by North Dakota Water war revival
Missourians Oppose River Diversion by North Dakota Water War Revival

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