Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Missouri Receives Federal Funds for Energy Program

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced $22.9 million in recovery act funding to support energy efficiency projects in Missouri. The Department of Energy’s (DOE) State Energy Program (SEP) funds state plans that prioritize energy savings, create or retain jobs, increase the use of renewable energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Missouri has now received 50 percent of its total SEP funding authorized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. DOE will release the remaining once the state meet reporting, oversight, and accountability milestones.

With SEP funding, Missouri will expand its existing Energy Center program, which includes a variety of home efficiency programs, building energy codes, and education and training initiatives. The funding will go toward encouraging Missourians to reduce their energy consumption by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes, industrial facilities, agricultural operations, transportation, schools and local governments. The state will focus on finding energy efficiency opportunities in its five most energy-intensive industries: aluminum, chemicals, food products, metal casting, and forest products including paper. These energy-intensive industries will be examined to determine specific, targeted activities to increase energy efficiency. The state intends to increase industrial and manufacturing energy efficiency through a multi-faceted program that may include energy audits, rebates and low-interest loans, workshops and development of a web-based audit tool.

After demonstrating successful implementation of its plan, the state will receive more than $28.6 million in additional funding, for a total of more than $57 million.

See the original Department of Energy news release here.

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