Monday, December 8, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package Would Increase Transportation Funding

Sen. Harry Reid (Nevada) has introduced a supplemental appropriations bill intended to boost the economy(S. 3689). Some of the programs that may receive a supplement include:
Program—Additional Funding
Coast Guard: Alteration of Bridges--$90,000,000
Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Aviation Security--$500,000,000
DHS: Construction--$100,000,000
Department of Transportation: Ferry Transportation Investment--$60,000,000
Economic Development Administration: Public Works & Economic Development--$50,000,000
Federal Aviation Administration: Airport Investment--$500,000,000
Federal Highway Administration: Federal-Aid Highway Investment--$10,000,000,000
Federal Transit Administration: Public Transit Investment--$2,500,000,000
Maritime Administration: Small Shipyards--$60,000,000
National Passenger Railroad Corporation--$400,000,000
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