Monday, November 24, 2008

Water Resources News Nov. 24, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package Would Increase Water Resources Funding

Sen. Harry Reid (Nevada) has introduced a supplemental appropriations bill intended to boost the economy(S. 3689). Some of the programs that may receive a supplement include:

Program—Additional Funding
Bureau of Land Management: Construction--$147,000,000
Bureau of Reclamation: Water & Related Resources--$200,000,000
Corp of Engineers (USACOE): Construction--$100,000,000
USACOE: Operations & Maintenance--$500,000,000
USACOE: Mississippi River & Tributaries--$100,000,000

Group Calls for Separation of Great Lakes, Mississippi River

The Alliance for the Great Lakes has called for the separation of the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River basin. The reason is to prevent the movement of invasive species between the water system, which have no natural connections.

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New York Plans Repairs to Water Supply Tunnel

The City of New York is preparing to repair the Rondout-West Branch tunnel, which carries water 45 miles from the Catskill Mountains to the city. Recently the tunnel has been leaking as much as 36 million gallons a day. You can find more information on these repairs here.

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